Who is Kylie Noble?Once Upon a Catholic Kylie Noble

When not at her full-time job, Kylie Noble most likely can be found hidden in her basement surrounded by piles of books, a ton of ideas and with an endless number of questions that she wishes could be answered yesterday.

Favorite Things

Among her favorite things to do are to watch movies, Netflix or have her nose stuck in a good book!  If she finds a new favorite–“The End” becomes the beginning…to find out more:  Who wrote the music? What inspired the writer? The ideas behind the movie.  The only drawback to all this wondering is that it inevitably leads to more and more book purchases that could just possibly bridge the Grand Canyon.

What famous person would she want to have dinner with?

If Kylie could have dinner with someone famous and alive, say at Applebees (a family favorite), the answer would be—George Lucas!  Hands down, number 9 on the ranker.com list of 100 famous George’s.  In her humble opinion, he should be listed #1.  She highly recommends watching The Mythology of Star Wars on You Tube.  THE creator of STAR WARS and INDIANA JONES; he really should be #1!

Currently, Kylie resides in Pennsylvania with her son and husband who, in her opinion  watch way too much basketball (and their dog Blue would agree–more about that in a blog).  They have their complaints with her as well, and Kylie attempted to summarize it for them, but they boiled it down for her in just two words:  Space Hoarder!

Finally, to Kylie there is one phrase in the English language that tops them all!  “And they lived Happily Ever After!”

Who is Calista Noble?

When Calista Noble isn’t working at her full-time job, you can find her organizing, organizing, organizing! Either organizing her mountains of pictures to place into scrapbooks, organizing information for her family history (never enough time for that!) or organizing a plethora of books and movies she loves to read and watch over and over again (arranged by genre and in alphabetical order). Yes!

Tolkien, Jackson, Potter, and More

Of course those organized stacks of books and movies illustrate her passion for reading and watching movies! If you snoop on her shelves, you will find she loves fantasy (The Hobbit -thank you J.R.R. Tolkien and Peter Jackson – and Harry Potter – yes, she stood in line at midnight wearing Harry’s glasses for the magical release of each book), mystery (never too young for Agatha Christie), literary classics (reading Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and watching the A&E version of it have become a yearly pilgrimage), children’s books (Dr. Seuss and- WAIT!  She must stop here, it’s clearer than fog; to snoop on her shelves, you’ll have to read her blog!) Calista’s quest is to find the next captivating book or movie, but she never wants to know most of the behind the scenes tidbits – what do you mean Rhett Butler had bad breath! Ugh!

Fellowes and Downton Abbey

If Calista could have dinner (at Cracker Barrel) with someone famous and alive, she would pick Julian Fellowes! Of course, it is a no-brainer that she would love to have lunch at Downton with the creator, writer, and executive producer of Downton Abbey.  She would chat with Fellowes about her favorite character, Violet Crawley, Countess of Grantham. “What is a weekend?”  Bliss!

Calista lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, two daughters, a dog, and a cat.  The girls’ dance schedule occupies much of their lives, which has taught them, among many things, to be great time managers.  If only it taught them to keep their bedrooms organized instead of looking like a scene from Twister! What is their complaint about Calista? When she declares firmly after a particularly busy week of running (and they still want to run) that she needs some “me time!”  Alas, it’s true. Much like that hobbit in the Shire, she enjoys adventures, but she loves her hobbit-hole best “and that means comfort.” Paradise!

Finally, to Calista, there is one phrase in the English language that tops them all! ”Once upon a time…” Let the adventures begin!